Design + Build


Are you looking to create a makerspace in your school? 

Does your existing space need some expert input and redesign to maximize learning opportunities? 

Would your makerspace benefit from modular furniture designed by expert makers specifically for design thinking and making?

Then you’re in the right place. With BitSpace Design and Build services, we support you throughout your entire journey — from consultation to turn-key makerspaces.


BitSpace spans the divide of design and utility with workshop furnishings that encourage fearless creativity while withstanding the percussion of countless iterations. Our makerspace furniture solutions are crafted to be pushed, pulled, dropped, cut, and drilled into — all in the pursuit of student-generated ideas and inventions. What’s more, our programmatic plans are designed to grow and change alongside emerging tools, trades, and technologies.

With the help of BitSpace Design and Build services, your makerspace will empower you and your students to test the limits of creativity within an environment that provides unlimited potential.


Step 1: Consultation

We meet with key stakeholders and decision makers to understand the scope of the preferred use.

Step 2: Field Verification and Architectural Documentation

We visit the school and the proposed spaces to document current conditions and take measurements. 

Step 3: Stakeholder Design Charrette

We meet with school faculty and administrators for the following:         

  • Review existing conditions brought in as floor plans
  • Discuss programmatic concepts (what do you want to happen in your makerspace)
  • Set expectations through the lens of programmatic adjacency (Interactive diagramming exercise)
  • Set expectations through the lens of spatial understanding (Interactive layout exercise using scale furnishing replicas and drawing)
Step 4: Preliminary Design Proposal 

This consists of programmatic floor plan diagrams, a designed floor plan, furniture schedule (list) and appropriate use-case scenario photos of our product line. A preliminary list of tools, machines, and materials will also be proposed at this time.

Step 5: Complete Design Proposal For Final Approval

Includes revised versions of the above documents in addition to conceptual plan and perspective renderings, furniture cut sheets and additional imagery where required. Tool and material recommendations will be finalized and the installation date set.

Step 6: Fabrication and Install

Once the design is approved, fabrication begins. We will contact you to schedule installation once everything is ready. 

Step 7: Get Making!

Your space is ready to use.