Curriculum by Design

Bit Space has designed a cross-disciplinary, web-based curriculum that offers a wide range of engagements and lessons across a diverse collection of tools. Looking for a quick activity to solidify a math lesson and want it to include something tangible? We have that. Looking for a multi-week project with real-world connections? We have that. Need a full semester’s worth of curriculum for your new makerspace? We have that, too.

Flexible and Applicable

Bit Space’s curriculum is divided into content territories that can be used as stand-alone units or a comprehensive course of study. It is aligned with Common Core, Next Generation Science, and other widely implemented standards.

Kid-Tested, Educator-Approved

This cross-curricular, web-based program offers a multitude of short lessons with accompanying hands-on projects. Each lesson weaves elements from other territories, creating a fully holistic learning experience.

Bit Space has worked with thousands of students and has collaborated with some of the most talented maker education professionals to design this rich curriculum.