Unlocking Creativity Through Maker Education


BitSpace is driving a revolution in the classroom, and it starts with “yes.” Yes, to getting students to use new tools and allowing them to decide what to create with them. Yes, to guiding adventurous teachers down a path of facilitating wonder, creativity, and complex thinking. And Yes to charting new territory in the world of maker education with progressive educators across the globe.

Straight From Our Innovation Hubs To You + Your School

We are maker ed experts, architects, designers and engineers. Through our two youth-only maker labs in Chicago, we’ve impacted 6,000 students & more than 100 schools. That experience is the basis of all our online and in-person Professional Development courses, school-based programs and Makerspace “design and build” services.

Why Bit Space?

Adventurous teachers forging a path into this new territory succeed best with a “curated road map.” That’s what BitSpace provides. Our guides understand this terrain and the tools that come with it , and we have crafted a K-12 maker education cycle-centric adaptation of the Design Cycle along with our tried and tested maker mindset. By using this methodology to enhance the way teachers teach, we can impact the lives of millions of young students. Together.

Join Us On The Journey
“We formed a partnership to have our faculty and students work with BitSpace in the design and buildout of our spaces. We worked closely with their team to make the design and building process a learning experience for everyone. We explored ideas and options while working to meet deadlines. Through it all, BitSpace shared their expertise from other settings to inform our choices.”
Charlie Ableman
University of Chicago, Laboratory Schools