Open Shop

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After-School and Saturdays just got a whole lot more creative, thanks to BitSpace Open Shop. Simply sign up, drop in, then design, build, and iterate! Whether your child wants to create something they can take home with them that day or work on a longer term project, Open Shop is the place to do it. Our expert Guides (architects, engineers, designers, and developers) will work with them as they flex their creative muscles and turn ideas into reality.

One of my favorite projects from Open Shop last year was a student who decided to make a spooky house facade to place on his garage to transform it into a haunted house during Halloween. He also made an awesome dragon halloween costume using a linear actuator, other electronics, fabric, and the laser cutter.

— Kevin, VP / Creative Director


One-on-one support. We will brainstorm their unique idea with them and help them make it as cool as possible.

Research assistance. Your child will learn how to do in-depth research so they can understand how their idea can work and how to make it come together.

Independent hands-on work. We exist to help students think independently and find their own solutions to problems. Once we’ve helped them lay out their idea, they can run with it on their own (unless they need our help, of course!)

Student-led timeline. Students get to work at their own pace. The open format allows them the time they need to take a deep dive into a particular project. we will support them through as many sessions as it takes.

Freedom to think-outside-the-box. Unlike the classroom, Open Shop is a place where kids can really lean into their own ideas and trust in their ability to problem solve. We lend our expertise to guide them through the process and teach them the skills they need to succeed along the way

How it works

  • Open Shop hours are Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-6.30pm and Saturday 9am-12noon during the school year. 
  • Sign up ahead of time through our easy online system.
  • Drop in whenever works for you during that time.
  • Purchase a monthly membership and enjoy unlimited Open Shop hours.
  • If your child needs specific materials for their project ($50 or less per item) it’s on us.