The after-school class with a (serious) difference.

“Finally! An after-school program that actually gets our kids on track for the real world with problem solving, creative thinking, and building. The best part? They don’t realize how much they are learning about how the world works because they’re having so much fun.”

–Michael, Santa Monica

Fed up with battling screen time? 

Wish your kids were more engaged learners? 

Want them to build the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly automated world?

Then the BitSpace After-School Program is for you and your school!

MODULE 1: Make It, Race It

Will your car go the farthest, fastest, and straightest, or have the greatest stunt crash in history?

This 8-10 week hands-on learning program will answer this and so much more! Students get immersed in designing, building, and testing their very own racing vehicle while getting an introduction to design thinking and woodshop tools and techniques. 

Built-in milestones celebrate both success and the need for iteration, and students cultivate grit and perseverance by continually bettering their design and construction. Students learn design collaboration as the group collectively creates the race ramp. The 8 and 10-week sessions offer additional opportunities to revise and modify your car design, from incorporating wind power to crazy obstacles and added auto bling.

MODULE 2: Make It, Play It

Marble mazes, pinball, mini-golf… Your creative brain dictates the game. Powertool-approved!

Think, create, iterate. This after-school program incorporates design thinking, woodworking, powertools, and play. Watch as students learn to bridge the gap between conceptual ideas and real-world application of those as they transition from paper prototypes to final working 8 x 10 board games. There are no limits to what you can create, as long as you stick to the board. 

Students learn by prototyping, failing, iterating, succeeding. Watch as they become true problem solvers and learn new skills that will live on far beyond the fun of creating their own, personalized, board top arenas.

Bring BitSpace to Your School

  • The BitSpace After-School Program can be added to any after-school offering. It can also be incorporated into your school’s enrichment line-up.
  • This is the perfect opportunity for a teacher at your school who wants more maker ed & design thinking training.  BitSpace provides comprehensive, free and fully supported online Professional Development courses to become certified as a Program Guide.   
  • Program Guides are paid at competitive hourly rates per session.
  • The online professional development course takes 6 hours in total. 
  • Program Guides can choose between 2 modules: (see module descriptions above).
  • Schools offering the program will be provided with a comprehensive woodworking set up. If your school completes two courses in one term, it gets to keep it!


  • Click here to leave your contact details and we will be in touch soon to discuss how to bring this program to your school
  • Download this pdf that has an outline of the program and share with other changemaker parents, teachers, and admin staff at your school

It was easy to add the BitSpace After-School Program to our school, because we were already offering robotics and other non-sport programs. Also, we had teachers who were excited to gain the skills and get paid in the process.”

— Theresa, xx School, California